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EXCLUSIVE to Joseph Media!

As part of our initiative to support our community, we are promoting individual projects with significant impact to the community's welfare.


We are proud to be the exclusive promoters for a revolutionary project coming soon to Croydon that will:

  • significantly increase cyclist road safety

  • make it safer for children and adults to start cycling and increase their fitness level.

Joseph Media has offered promotional support in exchange for an exclusive Croydon only offer!
For the first 3 months of this project's existence on the market, the Croydon community will have exclusive use and benefits, before this project is released to the rest of the country!

More details will follow as soon as all the relevant authorities have been contacted and we are authorised to release news of this project to the public.

"It's been great working with you Jude over the last year - your skills and attitude to both your colleagues and work have been exemplary. Thanks also for your support for Simon in his challenging role and for me and my IT shortcomings!"

Annie Taylor (Head of Marcomms) NHS Institute

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