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Consultancy & Business Development

Innovative solutions that solve real problems.

We are professionals that help the management of organisations define and achieve their goals. We help to move organisations forward by identifying problems and/or opportunities, and recommending solutions. We not only propose change but also help you to implement it. As independent professionals, our primary concern is the success and welfare of clients we serve.

Why use us as Consultants?

  • Fresh perspective, fresh set of eyes

  • to formulate an objective;

  • to receive a view point and unbiased opinion based on years of broad experience working with a wide range of clients devising solutions which an individual may only experience once;

  • to find a way to solve a challenge;

  • to get things done faster;

  • to get full-time attention on a problem area free of distractions normally experienced by staff and management

  • to fulfil jobs that a company sometimes cannot accomplish.

  • or to work your way through a new idea or implementation

Reasons why you may need us as consultants:

  • You have tried to tackle the difficulty yourself already but you do not have the specific knowledge and skills necessary to find a suitable solution.

  • You do not have the time or personnel to provide solutions or take advantage of opportunities.

  • You have tried everything you can do to make things better but your efforts have not achieved long-term improvements.

  • You need an opinion by someone independent of your organisation to either confirm a decision or suggest alternatives

  • You require help in turning an idea into a viable organisation with a business model tuned to your specific goals, needs and strategies.

Let us evaluate and implement the right IT and business solution for you and your business as we have done for others. Doing nothing now will cost you more in the long-run so book your FREE no obligation consultation today.

"I attended the 2-day Excel Training Course at Joseph Media and was happy with the training I received. Jude, the trainer, customised the training to suit my specific needs and went into great detail in areas of specific interest to me. All the staff at Joseph Media were friendly and very approachable, making the experience relaxed and enjoyable."

Gabriel Kessler, Learner.

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Everyone is unique. We do not have a one-size fits-all approach to web design and development. We need to understand exactly what you want first before we can set a price.